The Hague’s Finest has a store that offers local products carefully crafted by creators in The Hague. Get to know the geniuses, the artists, and the experts and discover what the city is all about. 

With no less than 300 square metres, three floors and more than 125 creators from The Hague and more than 750 local products, we offer the largest range of products from The Hague in our pop-up shop at Venestraat 20. 

Take your time to stroll through the products. We offer a mix of what's being made in our city: from daily groceries to artwork, and from music to products for your home and garden. Including (take away) speciality coffee, craft beer and liqueurs. See it as souvenirs that will truly introduce you to, and will remind you of, The Hague!

Opening hours store

Monday closed 
Tuesday 11am - 6pm 
Wednesday 11am - 6pm 
Thursday 11am - 6pm 
Friday 11am - 6pm 
Saturday 10am - 6pm 
Sunday 11pm - 5pm 


Ordering products online

In addition to our store, you can also order local products here, in our online shop. Please note that we are currently working on making the website accessible to English speaking visitors. For now feel free to use the chat function to ask questions about anything - like the products or questions about the shop - if translation fails.

Click on "Assortiment" to check out the products. On the computer you will find this button on the top bar, on your mobile it can be found in the (hamburger) menu on the left.


Visit our pop-up shop